Shipping & Returns

Shipping cost overview


- Production in Germany
- NO delivery to ISLANDS
- NO delivery to PO boxes, packing stations or similar.
- Goods leaving normally in 3 to 6 days:
- Counted in working days. Except Saturdays.
- Carrier lead time on top


Order with picking boxes (accessories) only: 409,69 Kč

Base price

Order until Shipping price
2.593,56 Kč 409,69 Kč
5.187,37 Kč 682,82 Kč
More than 5.187,37 Kč 1.092,51 Kč
More than 25.938,15 Kč (accesories excluded) Ex Works

Additional charges

Condition Price
Length > 1150 mm + 109,25 Kč
Packing charge (Your order includes anything but Accessoiries) + 81,94 Kč

Multiple packages charges

Every 20.00 kg:
- Packing charge
- Overlength
will be applied again

Shipping video

Example calculation

My order has
- a total of:
- a weight of: kg
Max Length: mm
My order includes only picking boxes (accessories)